Wednesday, 16 February 2011

heart shaped distractions


So I am posting mid-week but not quite the mid week bonus post I promised before - but as I have already pointed out - I'm a bit of a lame-ass.  However I have been busy away from the blogging world - although I have been flitting around between things (this is the problem with having a big backlog of projects I am too excited about doing them all and can't just sit down and finish one at a time! am I the only one who suffers from this?)

Valentine's day took over a big patch of the week, Pip cooked us steak with a baked potato for me at my request (I am trying to go for healthy options) and wedges for him.  I made the dessert - lemon mousse and home made orange flower water, cardamom and hazelnut biscotti.  I also rustled up a pre-dinner cocktail of pomegranate, mint and vodka - it would have looked better in a proper cocktail glass but wine glasses are all we have so it had to do.

valentines flowers from Pip :o) x

pomegranate cocktail - healthy!!!

Biscotti and lemon mousse - mmmmmmmmmmm

Last nigh we went out with friends to see Penguin Cafe supported by Portico Quartet who I love - I definately recommend you look them up!  Anyway this is relevant because I mentally included it in our valentines celebrations.

Over the weekend I cycled to the train station (as if I didn't get enough of it monday to friday) and caught the train to Bath.  It was a lovely sunny day and I had a little rummage around the charity shops and haberdasheries :o)  I got myself some lace trim and knicker elastic and I picked up some purple felt and bits to make my friend some Christmas decorations (I made some little white felt birds for my tree last christmas and she really wants me to make some for her tree too - the theme of which is purple and silver.)  Once I got my goodies home I couldn't just put it all away so I may have made a bird or two - I will post pics when they are finished.

I was also a bit naughty and ordered some more patterns - lovely lovely Collette patterns!  Well the nutmeg lingerie and cinnamon slip were in the SALE, the sale I tell you!  I know I don't have to explain that this meant that I had to buy them - in case you want to cash in on this bargain opportunity too it was on sewbox
I also got the Beignet skirt pattern just because I like it!  (and I don't think it will be too hard even though it is catagorised as intermediate.)  That is the end of my spending money for the month now so no more sneaky purchases.... :o)  (pay day next week though!!)

Nearly time for getting ready for bed now - I'm no good at weekday late nights, I've been half asleep all day!  I'll be back soon though - possibly having made a start on one of my new patterns!

Big smiles!


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