Monday, 7 February 2011

I'm a lame-ass

Hello!  So last weekend I planned to make a little something on put it on here for you all to enjoy, then I went out for a cycling lesson and when I came back I had a KILLER headache.  Drugs didn't touch it and all I wanted to do was put it down on something soft, it kinda came and went through the rest of the week and overall stopped me from having anything nice to say - and as Thumper so rightly tells us "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

But this weekend I was super organised to make up for it and as well as a bit of cycling (yes I am really still very excitied about the bike thing) I managed to make something quite special (well there are loads of them knocking around the blog world now, and they are all very lovely but this is the first piece of clothing I have ever sewn!!!) The Pendrell Blouse:

I couldn't wait to wear it so this is after a hard day in the office, pretty minimal crumpling considering (thanks to Pip for the pic)
this is my sorry attempt at a self portrait - another thing to work on, although I did think my use of the washing airer as a tripod was ingenious!

I wore it with this cardi to keep warm, it is pleasingly complimentary.

The bit I am most pleased with, the top stitching, so neat!

The fabric is a fine cotton that I got from flea-bay, I tried to get the pattern even and I don't think I have done too badly overall for a first try.

I have definately got the sewing bug and am itching to get going on something else, thank-you so (or should I say sew) much to Debi for the pendrell blouse givaway that I won!! and to clever Tasia for making such a simple and pretty pattern!

Because of last weeks rubbishness I am planning to squeeze in a little midweek bonus project.  I need a cover for my fancy touch screen mobile, I am permanently paranoid that it is going to get scratched.  I saw these pretty ones in the sale in Cath Kidston but when I went to treat myself I discovered that my phone didn't fit - so I had to buy tea towels instead.... :o)

However it occurred to me a couple of days ago that I didn't need to buy this as I have 2 types of oilcloth I can use to make my own!   I am hoping that I will be able to whip one up and then worry less about what is happening in my bag.

Hopefully I will be chatting to you again very shortly, but for now I am going to try and capture a bit of Pip's snoring to finally prove to him that he does snore :o) heeheeehee

Cheeoooh (this is "Cheerio" where I'm from.)


  1. Hi Natalia! This is absolutely gorgeous for your first finished garment, well done! Love your choice of fabric too. I'm so glad that the giveaway pattern was used and enjoyed!
    Cheers, Tasia :)

  2. ~YAY! IT's FANTASTIC! What a great job...I can't believe this is the first thing you've looks AMAZING!

  3. I really love your version. Great job for a first project!

  4. thanks everyone for all your lovely comments and encouragement. I'm certainly looking forward to having a go at some new things and the weather getting warm enough for me to get my Pendrell out :o)

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