Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Jumper Bunny....

So I have wanted to have a go at a jumper monkey for a while and I have had a jumper waiting to become one hanging out in my box for a few months.  In the end I decided to make a rabbit/monster/YES it is totally intentionally weird looking :o)

so here he is...

He didn't take very long and I think I could get at least one more out of the leftover jumper so I might have another go and at least see if I can get it to look a bit more intentionally monsterous.  Plus Pip's nephews can have one each then :o) - guess who is their favourite "auntie".

In the meantime my cheeky purchases from eBay have arrived:

ooooh they are so pretty!  The seller didn't list the sizes but they don't seem to be too far off so hopefully my first forays into pattern alterations won't be too scary.  The pieces are cut already so I will have to retrace them anyway - back to eBay for a roll of pattern paper then...  I just need to make sure that my fingers stop "accidently" typing vintage singer sewing machine again.... heeheehee.

I finished the back of the jumper and cast the two sides off together and am now working on the sleeve- if only I could make my fingers go a little bit faster (and I didn't loose valuable knitting time during my commute getting off a bus and waiting for a train.)

I'm off to the posh part of town this weekend (friend's workload pending) for a trawl through the high quality charity shop donations round that way - they have some good junk shops there too, and I found a vintage shop that has fabric - right opposite a little knitting shop!!!  pure bliss!

see you later alligators!

Natalia x

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  1. Hi Natalia, I've just discovered your blog, and really like your 52 make and do challenge idea. I too have a lot of unfinished craft projects, and have a started a blog in order to encourage me to keep at it. Good luck with your challenge and your blog!

    Law xx