Sunday, 16 January 2011

a fantastic first week!

One week of blogging in and I have 6 followers already (Hi Guys! :o) ) and I have won a lovely blouse pattern.

I am feeling very enthusiastic today despite the fact that the trains were absolutely horrible this week and helped to scupper my plans to have something exciting to show you.  So I have ended up with a much more "do" than "make" week - culminating this morning in LEARNING TO CYCLE!!!!  Yep you read right, I am a rare breed in that I never learned to ride a bike when I was a child.  I've always wanted to learn and finally got over my embarrassment at starting at such a late age and bought myself a second hand bike in the summer.  I found a place that does subsidised lessons but my boyfriend anounced that I need not waste my money and he would teach me.  Well in 5 months I managed to persuade him to take me out with the bike once.  So he got me a voucher for a lesson with the professionals for christmas which I put to use ASAP.  Apparently I pretty much got on the bike and started cycling more or less on my own straight away - to the point that I have homework of practicing on quiet roads/cycle paths and starting to get ready for road skills (lifting a hand off, glancing over a shoulder etc...)  I am really pleased with myself anyway especially as my boyfriend (I call him Pip) was stood at the window as a cycled up the road :o)  I like a little show off now and again.

So anyway in lieu of crafty goodness I thought I would give you a little introduction to my little craft corner and some of the projects I might finally get on with soon... (Apologies for the poor photography, I will have to get practicing that too.)

My sewing corner! The basket if full of arty paraphanalia and that hessian you can just see on the right is the beginning of a rag rug.

 The crafty books I got for my birthday and Christmas (they are 2 weeks apart)  Best in show was my secret santa present from work - Amazing!!
My lovely wooden stash box (the awful pink gloss was stripped off earlier this year and tinted wax applied with my own fair hand.  I do DIY too you know!)
Goodies inside!

My first ever dress pattern with the turquoise satin I have bought to make it with - I think I got carried away with the bargain quality of that one, maybe I will do a version in a fabric that it is a bit easier to sew with first...

my collection of silk scarves that may be a shower curtain or cushion covers - depending on how much longer I can put up with the glass shower screen really.

THE jumper so far - I am about 2cm away from finishing the back and then I can do arms - hopefully they will be a bit smaller.  Made using this pattern

jumper detail - neat huh?

The sock wool calling out to be my next knitting pattern - I think the jumper will have given me knitting fatigue though so these may be waiting a little longer.

Next weekend I will definately have something to show you - possibly even something that you have not glimpsed here.  The in-laws are visiting for the weekend this week a good little craft project will be the perfect diversion :o)

See you again soon!



  1. I love the vogue dress pattern - very tempted to try it myself! I think I'll see how you get on first though! ;)

  2. I love the monkey on the cover of knitted wild animals. I have a thing about monkeys :)
    I too like the vogue pattern. Gertie from made a version of it step by step, showing how she tissue fitted it. You might find it helpful. The colour of that fabric is great, although I know from personal experience that kind of fabric is, shall we say, temperamental. Good start on that jumper.

  3. Hi there! There seems to be a lot of us newbie bloggers around at the minute! I've just started one too, so welcome to blogland from an equally new person :) I look forward to seeing what you create in the year ahead, and btw I'm very jealous of how nice and neat your sewing corner is!