Saturday, 8 January 2011

blogging cherry...

So... as is traditional I have spent most of the first week of this year thinking about resolutions.  I have decided that drawing up a list of things I really out to do but don't really enjoy doing is no longer the route for me - no more January guilt for me!  So this year I have decided that my one resolution is to do more for myself - this means looking after myself properly (I still managed to fit in the perennial exercise resolution then) and taking the time to do more of the things I really enjoy.

And this is where the blog comes in.  I have been reading a lot of other blogs for quite a while, mostly on sewing/vintage/craft/interior design, but hesitating to start my own despite finding them all very high quality and inspirational.  But this week I have been thinking about all of the things I would like to do and wondering how I can keep myself motivated and make sure I don't slip back into my lazy bad habits and Shazam; I put two and two together and here I am!!!

My plan is to start off by picking up all of the half finished crafty projects I have lurking around the house and documenting my progress every week. I am hoping that I can get into some new stuff as well fairly shortly - I have my first ever dress making pattern I am looking forward to having a go at and am already eyeing up another one (or 20...) lovely vintage patterns on ebay that might have to come an live with me.  I also got a book of sock patterns for Christmas so I'm hoping to learn a few new knitting "skillz" there too.

This week I have been making a concerted effort to finish the jumper I started making for my fella (ahem) months ago.  It is a lovely green Guernsey and I am hoping it is actually going to fit when I finally finish.  Once I work this thing out I will be getting pictures up - hopefully there will be one of him in said jumper very soon!

So there I have it; the first ever post!  Hopefully there will be many more to come and I will be able to get my blog into somewhere near as good shape as some of my favourites and people might actually enjoy reading it!

Au Revoir!




  1. Congrats on plucking up the courage to start a blog. I too have just recently done the same.
    I'm a terrible hoarder of UFOs too. Hopefully I'll get some of those finished this year :)
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Natalia

    I have a new blog too and I'm also about to make my first ever dress! Frightening, huh?

    Good luck!